Internet Infuriated by Teacher’s ‘Salty’ Response on Student’s Test Paper

Some teachers are good, some teachers are bad, and some are just plain “salty.”

A student’s test result has gone viral after a pedantic grader marked their answer wrong on a technicality.

u/NekonecroZheng shared their graded test to Reddit’s r/mildlyinfuriating forum on Monday 3 May (view it here), along with the caption: “My Chem teacher sucks A**.”

The highlighted test question reads: “Which of the following salts are acidic? Circle ALL that apply.”

Despite choosing all of the correct compounds, the student’s answer was still marked wrong, as they’d circled each choice individually rather than selecting the “All of the above” option.

The post has since garnered 112,000 upvotes and 2,800 comments from users annoyed on the poster’s behalf.

JackofAII said: “excuse me what the hell.”

_UserDoesNotExist commented: “Chemistry teachers/professors are some of the saltiest people in the world when listed by majors.

“Breaking Bad captured it pretty well.”

Fpcoffee added: “Looks like the teacher circled “circle all that apply” in red purposefully so that makes me think that this was just a trap.”

However, someone claiming to be an ex-educator defended the teacher, suggesting they may have been stressed or overworked when grading.

JavaShipped wrote: “It could be that they set a question and made a marking paper (and didn’t catch a genuine mistake).

“Or, it could be a resource given to you by the school and you have no choice but to use it, so you probably don’t bother checking.

“From a burnt out ex teacher, that job takes a toll. I was easily marking 600 assignments or books every week.

“If I had the chance to get a weekend to myself, I’d be rushing and that’s how these mistakes are made.”

Research has shown that “high-quality teaching” can improve outcomes for students, not just in the classroom, but beyond. Students taught by high-quality teachers were more likely to go to college and earn better salaries. Conversely, low-quality teachers were found to demotivate students and cause them to lose interest in the subject, with the “damage” of a poor education lasting long after high school.

Other users shared their own stories of nightmare educators.

Melonlind said: “I had a teacher have us write an opinion piece on something random he liked and would fail you if you disagreed with [his] opinion, he stopped teaching soon after.”

Melancholyrefresher wrote: “Actual college physics professor of mine would write out tests in pencil and then photocopy it 50 times so you couldn’t tell what half of it even said.

“It wasn’t great, and him saying “it’s not hard” after more than half the class failed the first test of the course did not somehow fix the issue.”

BootyBurglar commented: “I had a teacher fail a TA in a photography class in high school because she “hadn’t turned in a single assignment the entire year.”

“He never even told her or mentioned anything before the final day of class, and she had done everything else he asked the whole year.”

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. NekonecroZheng took their paper to their professor, who amended their mistake.

In the comments, they added: “Apparently I wasn’t the only one.

“It was a TA [teaching assistant] that f***** up, and it wasn’t the professor.

“The question was completely omitted from the test and an email came out to the class saying that all our grades will be updated.”

Here’s one student who definitely deserves an A+ in chemistry. Chase Lean went viral in April for their amazing home-grown crystals, created entirely from materials you can find around the house.

Newsweek has reached out to u/NekonecroZheng for comment.

Internet Infuriated by Teacher's Response on Test
Female teacher handing test paper back to concerned-looking male student. Reddit couldn’t understand the chemistry teacher’s logic when marking the student’s answer.
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