Internet ‘is not as safe as it was’, says Irish vlogger who deleted videos

An Irish vlogger who recently deleted thousands of videos from his YouTube account said he did so as the internet is a different place from when he started creating them.

Jonathan Saccone Joly, who has been documenting his life with his wife Anna and their children for more than 12-years, announced recently that he has removed all of his YouTube videos from the platform. 

The influencer first began vlogging his life in Cork before he and his family moved to England, where he now lives with his wife and four children.

The Saccone Jolys’ vlogs amassed millions of views and they racked up more than 1.7m subscribers.

‘Toxic’ internet

On Tuesday, Jonathan said the internet is now not as safe as it used to be, with it once being “a happy kind of place”.

He said that if he started doing YouTube vlogs today, he would not do them in the same way. 

“It was playing on my mind about why don’t we just get rid of it? Because it’s sitting there and it’s indexed, and it’s categorised, and it’s just not the same anymore,” he said.

He said he still stands over what they created and that he has no regrets over it.

“When we were doing this the world was different. People’s appetite was different,” Jonathan said, adding that at the time it was “a fun experience”.

When asked on 96FM’s The Opinion Line about people moving platforms but not deleting their back catalogue, Jonathan said that his children have changed his perspective.

He stated it is “a constant evolution” adding: “I’m not going to stand around and be like what I did was terrible. It wasn’t, it was of the time. It was what a lot of people were doing like you.”

The 42-year-old said that his oldest child has got to an age where she will ask not to be put in some videos, which Jonathan said he is happy about.

YouTube was “a very, very good passive income”, Jonathan said adding that “it was hard to just switch that off and delete the whole thing”.

He said millions of people were watching the shows and it “was still a great business”.

“But I had to just weigh it up. It’s 2022 now, the internet’s become very toxic.

“There’s so much weaponised information out there and I don’t feel like it’s the safe venue for that story that it used to be, so I’m going to just take it away from the internet.”

Jonathan said they have walked away from management and agencies in recent years which gave them back control of their content.

New video

Speaking in a new video, a YouTube live recorded on Tuesday and the only video currently on their page, the couple discussed regrets since becoming parents.


They included things like listening to other people’s opinions and caring too much about what people thought of them.

Both Jonathan and Anna said that they were more easily influenced when they were younger and were glad they were more themselves when they began their YouTube careers.

Anna said that some of the “horrific” comments or messages that she got made her more able to deal with the negativity on social media.

Addressing the deleting of their back catalogue, the couple reiterated that they do not regret documenting their lives on YouTube. “It was so much fun to document everything,” Anna said. 

Jonathan added that new videos will continue on the channel with a more formatted style. 


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