Internet Laughs at Dog Demanding Owner Plays Fetch With Fluff

One dog’s love of playing fetch extended a little far, and has been captured in a viral video leaving the internet in stitches.

Posted on Wednesday on Reddit, user Bill_Jack226 shared the video with the caption: “This is Maggie. See that piece of fluff she gave me? She wants me to throw it for her.”

With more than 35,000 likes and hundreds of comments, users were delighted by the pup’s strange request.

Border Collie waiting
A file photo of a Border Collie dog waiting at a table with his paws up. A dog’s hilarious demand to play fetch with a tiny bit of fluff has left the internet in stitches.
Iuliia Zavalishina/Getty Images

In the video, Border Collie Maggie spends some time on the floor picking up a tiny bit of fluff before placing it in front of her owner and jumping up and down in anticipation.

One Reddit user commented: “I love her so much. Does she have toys she can use? I bet she does but prefers this particular piece of fluff right at this moment,” and the poster replied: “Oh yeah yeah, she has toys but she likes rocks, fluff, and her blankie.”

Dogs’ love of fetch is thought to link back to their very basic instincts, with many enjoying mental stimulation and one-on-one time with their owners. But in a study funded by Stockholm University, Sweden, researchers found that dogs aren’t the only ones who enjoy a game of fetch when they threw a ball for 13 wolf puppies.

Three of the eight-week-old wolf pups not only ran after the ball but—with encouragement—returned it too.

“When I saw the first wolf puppy retrieving the ball I literally got goosebumps,” said Christina Hansen Wheat of the research team. “It was so unexpected, and I immediately knew that this meant that if variation in human-directed play behavior exists in wolves, this behavior could have been a potential target for early selective pressures exerted during dog domestication.”

It had previously been hypothesized that the cognitive abilities needed to understand human cues arose in docs after humans domesticated them, but the results of this study show that those abilities are apparent in non-domesticated animals too.

A little further evolved from her wolf ancestors, Maggie the dog’s love of fetch is much more apparent.

“What a sweet bouncy girl,” said one commenter on the viral Reddit post. While another user wrote: “What are you waiting for? Throw it human.”

Another Redditor joked: “She likes to play fetch on expert mode,” and poster Bill_Jack226 replied: “Sometimes, the fluff she brings is so small, when it’s thrown she doesn’t realize it’s gone.”

In January, the internet was delighted by a dog waiting for a statue to play fetch. The adorable pup was branded “insanely optimistic” when the statue in the woods did not throw the stick.

Newsweek has reached out to Bill_Jack226 for comment.


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