Internet Reacts To Dog Jumping Off Owner’s Bike And Sprinting Ahead

The active dog jumped off the motorcycle and started running.

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They enjoy their owner’s company and like to go out with him on trips. But one dog shocked his owner and even gave him a challenge after jumping from the man’s motorcycle.

The incident took place in April, according to a video going viral now. Posted by ViralHog on its social media platforms, the short video has received thousands of views.

The seven-second video shows the dog sitting on a petrol tank of the motorcycle his owner is driving. A second later, it jumps off the bike and sprints to the pavement. The dog quickly picks up speed, giving a challenge to its owner to defeat him.

The location where the video has been shot is not available. But the speed at which the dog is running has amazed the internet.

“Dog: you’re so slow bruh,” a user commented on YouTube. “Imagine he was on a scooter and couldn’t keep up with the dog,” commented another.

“That dog is ridiculously fast, that’s amazing what a good boy,” a third user said in the comment section.

Videos of amazing feats performed by dogs have always entertained the internet. A few years ago, the video of Great Pyrenees Maggie went wildly viral on social media, which showed the dog ‘helping’ her owner finish work.

In contrast, the video of an energetic dog playing with his favourite toy – a brick – was viewed over 2.2 million times on Twitter and left many users amused.

Last year, internet was in splits after watching the video of a dog and a toddler jumping enthusiastically on a trampoline. The acrobatic pet was even seen performing somersaults and rolling over its head first.

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