Internet Sensation Brandon Delgado Is Ready to Rule the RnB Scene

With almost everybody having access to the internet, it has become easier for many young artists to get their music heard. They have plenty of material to use as their guide to improve their craft and find inspiration from other artists. Brandon Delgado is one of these young but promising artists to have used the internet to build a career as a musician.

Brandon’s first introduction to the world of music goes way back to when he was just five years old. He grew up in church and was greatly exposed to gospel music since his mother was their church’s worship leader. His father also played various instruments for their church, which gave him many chances to excel in music. With a strong musical background, Brandon developed his musical skills even before he learned to read.

When he began attending school, Brandon experienced being bullied mostly because he was being brought up by very conservative parents. Because of this experience, his school life began to suffer, and he had hardly any friends since most kids thought of him as weird. However, Brandon’s teachers saw so much potential in him as he kept up his grades and always showed courtesy towards adults.

It took a stage play at school for teachers and students to learn about Brandon’s hidden talent in singing and playing instruments. In his first stage play, he played the song “Amazing Grace” while playing the piano, moving everyone in the theater. Since then, Brandon’s image changed from being a nerd and weird kid to a brilliant singer. Brandon gained his confidence and kept it into adulthood many years later.

Brandon kept playing at school and church, though his parents limited his choice of songs due to their religion. When he left home in Memphis to go to college in New York, he used the little freedom he had to explore other music. He started listening to pop music from artists like Justin Timberlake and Maroon Five, inspiring him to go for the same sound.

When the internet became more widespread in the early 2010s, Brandon opened an account on every social networking site he could access. These included a YouTube account where he uploaded cover versions of various songs from 2013 to 2015. Around the same time, he started to write his own songs as well, sticking to rhythm and blues and some hip-hop sounds as his direction.

Brandon’s videos started getting people’s attention by the mid-2010s, and by 2016, he already had 200,000 YouTube subscribers. His videos accumulated over two million views, which were combinations of his renditions of popular songs and his own compositions. As he became more famous, offers from various record labels began to knock on Brandon’s door, which thrilled him a lot.

Brandon has revealed through his social media handles that he has officially signed with a record label but didn’t provide any specific details. However, he promises his fans that his new set of releases will be worth the wait. With a looming mainstream career, Brandon vows to his supporters that he’ll remain the same humble and engaging man even if he makes it big.

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