Internet Slams Family of 7 Staying With Elderly Relative for Over a Week

The internet has backed a woman after she shared a post on Mumsnet asking if she should confront her family for inviting themselves to stay with her elderly mother for over a week.

The viral post shared on Monday has received hundreds of responses. The original poster 2beesornot2beesthatisthehoney explained that the younger relatives had contacted her 89-year-old mother to announce they were coming to stay with her for 10 days to celebrate her 90th birthday.

She expressed her concerns about the family of seven—including two children—staying with her clinically vulnerable mother: “She will have to get food in and do all sorts of stuff in preparation. My parents go to bed early these days, so their sleeping habits will no doubt be disturbed.

“When I heard, I suggested I would look at alternative accommodation. [The] trouble is, they live in a very rural area away from public transport.”

She also explained that her mom felt compelled to say yes because they have stayed with the family in the past, and her dad said that “they will muddle through.”

Posted to the popular Mumsnet thread /am_i_being_unreasonable, the user ended the post asking: “Am I being unreasonable to somehow step in without causing WW3 in the family?”

In the hundreds of comments, Mumsnet users overwhelmingly sided with the original poster. User OldTinHat wrote: “What selfish and inconsiderate relatives. Definitely step in and tell them under no circumstances can they stay with your parents—your Mom is going to be 90! Bring on WW3 for sure in this case.”

Another commenter agreed: “Are these relatives stupid and thoughtless? Or selfish and entitled? Either way I agree that you need to step in.”

When it comes to the stress of receiving guests, a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of BJ’s Wholesale Club in 2019 found that 71 percent of respondents agreed that they would classify party planning as a “stressful event.”

In addition, 33 percent of respondents said that the worst thing a guest can do is be the last to leave a party.

However, not all of the commenters agreed that stepping in was the right thing to do, with some even stating that the woman should offer to help more when the relatives come to stay.

“Why don’t you offer to cook, shop, make beds, drive them and book the alternative accommodation?” wrote one user, before another poster responded: “Why would anyone offer to do that?!”

Family visiting file photo
File photo of a man welcoming guests at the doorway. The internet has backed a woman who is upset after relatives invited themselves to stay with her elderly parents.
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