Internet Slams Mom Who Is Jealous of Friend’s Relationship With Daughter

A mom has been slammed online after revealing that she is jealous of her friend’s relationship with her daughter.

Shared on discussion site Mumsnet on Sunday, the post now has hundreds of responses.

User woodenstuck explained: “My best friend is a single mom to an 8-year-old girl. I have four children, all boys, and a husband. I love them all dearly and wouldn’t change them for the world but I was round at my friend’s this morning for a coffee and I can’t help but feel a pit of jealousy when I am with her and her daughter.

“Their house is so cozy and girly and they have an amazing relationship,” explained the Mumsnet user.

She went on to explain that they always spend time together, her daughter respects her mom and they genuinely laugh together: “My friend just seems to have a stress-free and enjoyable life,” she said.

A 2020 Statista report found that around 15.3 million children in the U.S. were living with a single mother, and around 3.7 million children with a single father.

“I love my boys but I have four of them and work full time and so does my husband,” said the Mumsnet user: “It’s hard to spend time with them all individually so I guess I don’t have that close bond I see my friend has with her daughter.”

She also explained that her friend is currently studying at the university and is supported by her parents.

Another survey by Statista found that around 6.76 million families had three or more children under 18 living in the household in 2020.

Woodenstuck said: “Being in their house this morning, everything is so calm and quiet and happy. I feel like the way she is raising her daughter she is already a lot more mature than her age and I worry I am doing my boys some sort of disservice.

“It’s making me feel resentment towards my friend. Like when she says she’s stressed with uni work I just want to scream because I’m like, ‘you don’t know the meaning of stress!’, her life seems serene.”

In hundreds of responses, users on the popular discussion site slammed the mom.

One user wrote: “As a single mum with a daughter I think you’re being ridiculous. Being a single parent is so hard and she is probably feeling extremely guilty that her daughter is growing up in a quiet house with no siblings.” Another said: “Surely this is just the difference between having one child and having four? You obviously decided you wanted a large family and I would have thought anyone making that decision was not looking for a calm serene family life.”

The poster woodenstuck later clarified: “I should have mentioned this, she is very, very happy with her set up. She says she loves being single and doing her own thing and loves having an only child.”

Another commenter said: “Be happy for your friend, and her child. Then go and focus on making your life happier.”

But some responses offered words of comfort for the mom. One wrote: “Console yourself that in Gilmore Girls Rory grew up to be an aimless drifter after spending her life being the golden child of Stars Hollow.” Another said: “That 8-year-old will be 14 soon. 14-year-old girls are vicious.”

Woman and daughter yoga
A file photo of a woman and her daughter on the sofa, laughing and practicing yoga. A woman has been slammed online after admitting she is jealous of her friend’s great relationship with her daughter.
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