Internet Slams Musician’s ‘Narcissistic’ Former Boss Who Asked For Media Shoutout

The internet has slammed a musician’s “narcissistic” ex-boss who allegedly asked him for a media shoutout.

Posting to Reddit’s “Antiwork” forum on Friday under the username u/PurveyorOfSapristi, the musician, Oren, said: “About a year ago I got let go [from] my job and decided to [hustle] making music. This is the second time my ex-boss tries to have me mention him in a ‘media opportunity.'”

Attached to the post is a screenshot of a message Oren received from his former employer via email. Already, the post has garnered more than 24,000 upvotes and over 2,000 comments.

“I saw the Instagram post about your [redacted] appearance,” the message began. “I know you didn’t last time but I’m sure all your friends and colleagues here would love you to mention the journey within our family that gave you the foundations of hard work you are now using to become a musician.

“We are all big fans of your music and I often play the songs on our [Sonos] to enjoy it because you also get paid on how many streams you get. It would be great if you returned the favor. Having more customers in-store helps everyone collectively reach objectives, it would be a shame if it was missed by a customer or two,” the message continued.

Speaking to Newsweek, Oren said that the first thing he noticed about the email was its use of “retail speak manipulation.”

“[E]ach word weighed towards the goal of getting something out of me,” he said. “No ‘Happy New Year,’ no asking how I’ve been (I had massive intestinal surgery recently). Nope…just, ‘Hey! This is what I want and not doing it will disappoint everyone and cost them money.'”

It’s also worth mentioning that artists don’t make much from streaming platforms.

For example, Insider previously found that Spotify plaid artists somewhere between $.0033 and $.0054 per stream.

“Translated, you’ll need about 250 streams to earn a dollar,” said the publication.

Redditors slammed Oren’s boss for being manipulative.

“The casual manipulation tactics gives me the creeps tbh [to be honest],” wrote u/grasscrest1.

“That’s the scummiest s**t I’ve read this morning holy s**t,” said u/jahplease. “Wait until this post blows up with comments then forward him the link.”

Redditor u/Charvel420 said: “[T]rying to use your managerial bull***t tactics on someone who doesn’t work for you and owes you nothing…wow. These people legit think they own you for life. Totally f***ed up.”

Meanwhile, u/slintseek3r called Oren’s ex-boss “narcissistic” and told him to “f**k off.”

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The internet has slammed a musician’s “narcissistic” ex-boss who allegedly asked him for a media shoutout.


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