Internet Slams Newcomer for Snapping at Coworker With ‘Vulgar’ Nickname

The internet came to the defense of a user who was snapped at by a new co-worker over his “vulgar and unprofessional” nickname.

In a new viral post published to Reddit’s popular “AmITheA**hole” forum, u/SpringEmotional3918 has asked the Reddit community if he is the a**hole in his situation.

The Reddit user works at a hospital with a team of people. As a part of the “work culture,” they have given each other nicknames.

Recorded in September of 2019 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 6.6 million people work in hospitals around the country, making this Redditor right at home.

“I think the nicknames are great, as do the rest of us, because it’s brought us all a little bit closer and, frankly, my nickname’s cool. Call me immature but we work dead serious jobs and need a little bit of humor and fun sometimes,” they explained.

He reassured the readers that none of the nicknames are inappropriate. Some coworkers nicknames are Speedy, Archer, Seer, Snowborn, and The King—the chief of the team.

Co-workers arguing
The internet has backed a reddit user after a co-worker snapped on him after she claimed his work nickname was “vulgar and unprofessional.”
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The Reddit user’s nickname is “The Gravewalker” due to working most night shifts.

“I love it, the hospital is nice and quiet and the only patients that come in are real cases that genuinely need help,” they wrote. “I also have some scars which contributed to the “badass” nickname according to the Chief.”

However, things changed once a new person was hired. She didn’t like the idea of nicknames and found them scary. So, she didn’t get one and she never called anyone by their nicknames.

The Redditor said the chief explained she needed to “respect the workplace culture” and find a way to fit in with the crowd. She snapped at the OP calling their nickname “vulgar and unprofessional,” adding they should have declined the nickname when it was given to them.

“She told me to talk to everyone, but make it seem like it came from me so she doesn’t get into trouble,” they wrote. “I also told her to go f**k herself when she came yelling and she looked like she was about to faint.”

Reddit users were quick to comment.

“NTA. The culture of nicknames isn’t problematic unless it is used around patients (ask for the gravewalker when I’m in hospital, and I may shit my pants). She entered a culture that she found discomfiting,” u/messydragon75 wrote, receiving the top comment with 13,000 likes.

The user continued: “She can then ASK “Can you guys not use the nicknames to me, I prefer real names, and please don’t give me one”. Or she can decide it isn’t right for her and leave. If someone came after me like that, I’d tell them to get f**ked too.”

Some even had suggestions.

“Her nickname is going to be Old Yeller,” u/nerdyviolet wrote.

“Her nickname should be Umbridge,” u/Elevenyearstoomany said, referencing a Harry Potter character.

U/holiestconnoly added, “NTA. I work in a hospital and I see a lot of people joking around and have nicknames. Also, how exactly is that “vulgar?”


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