Internet Slams Woman for Calling Daughter a ‘Bad Person’ Over Dinner Party

The internet dragged a woman who got into an argument with her daughter about not attending a pizza party in a new viral post.

Posted to Reddit’s notorious “AmITheA**hole” forum, u/AITA_mom_of_2, submitted her story for the community to read and comment on.

The Reddit user explained that her daughter moved back home at the start of the pandemic to finish up her degree. Throughout the week, the family had a pizza party, then dinner with their grandparents, and they wanted to host another pizza party with friends.

Unfortunately, her 22-year-old daughter could not attend the party because she made plans to finish up school work to make time for her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Her mother thought she could at least stay for the meal but her daughter refused, claiming that the company would stay into the night, ruining her plans.

“I told her if she was going to act like that I would cancel the whole thing. She said that’s silly, she just didn’t want to participate as she had work to do,” she began. “It blew up between us as she said this was HER time to do as she pleased and I had just had a week of holiday, I complained about trying to do my best to please everyone and she said that’s nothing to do with her she didn’t ask or know about my dinner plans.”

When asked why the daughter didn’t want to attend the party, she explained that she didn’t want pizza and already had plans. As the argument broke out when her daughter referred to her mother as “she,” to her father, the OP (original poster) snapped, claiming that she was not a “she.” So her daughter called her “he” instead. OP called her daughter a bad person and the two didn’t speak the rest of the evening.

The users of the Reddit forum were quick to the daughter’s defense.

“YTA. If you wanted her at dinner because you were having people over, you could have just asked what date/time worked for her beforehand so she can make time for it. The fact that you are supporting her does not mean you own her time. She deserves her commitments to be respected as well,” U/ScholarImpressive887 wrote in a popular comment with over 27,000 upvotes.

“YTA. Your daughter politely told you she had prior plans. You didn’t inform her of the plan in advance and expected her to drop everything for you. That’s not fair. I have no idea what you actual issue is with her use of the pronoun ‘she’, you craftily left that out. I suspect it, too, makes you look bad,” u/sagecherrytree wrote in another popular comment, reaching over 12,700 upvotes.

u/loloannd pointed out agreed saying, “YTA. She’s an adult. She has her own plans. YOU suggested she stick around while she went to school, she isn’t obligated to participate in a mandatory family pizza party. Yikes, OP.”

Mom and daughter arguing
The internet slams woman who called her daughter a bad person for not wanting to attend a pizza party because she had other plans.
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