Internet Supports Woman After She Called the Police on Brother for Stealing Her Pride Flag

A Reddit post has gone viral after a woman called the police on her brother for stealing her LGBTQ+ pride flag. The post was shared in the thread r/AmItheA**hole, and has generated over 12,000 upvotes and 1,100 comments at the time of writing.

The poster, under the name u/Acceptable-Sand3229, explained that their mother gave her and her wife a pride flag for Christmas. They hung the flag outside near their garage and a few days later though, it was missing. However, the poster had cameras and learned it was her own brother who stole the flag.

“This isn’t a huge surprise, I came out at 12 and in the 32 years later he has been nothing but horrible to me because of that,” the Redditor wrote.

However, the poster called her brother and asked him to return the pride flag. She explained that as long as he didn’t repeat his actions, they could forget the incident. But according to the poster, their brother “refused and said some homophobic slurs.” The Redditor ended up calling the police to report the incident.

Their brother is on probation though, and according to the poster, he could end up going back to jail. But the brother didn’t stop there: he called his sister and cursed at her while also accusing her of “sending him to jail for stealing a $10 flag.”

The rainbow pride flag was created by Gilbert Baker in 1978, according to He was an artist and designer as well as an openly gay drag performer. He was asked to create the flag by Harvey Milk, an openly gay politician, for the pride parade in San Francisco.

Rainbow pride flag
A Reddit post has gone viral after a woman called the cops on her brother for stealing her pride flag. In the photo, a rainbow pride flag blowing in the air.

Overwhelmingly, people are siding with the original poster (OP), and don’t think she is the a**hole in the situation.

One user reasoned that the brother is already on probation. “He’s already done something to land in jail, this is just putting him back there,” they said.

Another Reddit user doesn’t think the poster is an a**hole, mentioning the brother “played a stupid game and won a stupid prize.”

“I mean committing a hate crime on probation should result in a person going back to jail,” a Redditor weighed in. “Just saying.”

Another Redditor doesn’t think the poster is in the wrong either, reasoning that the brother stole the flag, “so calling the police is the right thing because he was not willing to return the flag, NTA (not the a**hole).”

One user believes the brother “chose his path” when stealing the pride flag in the first place. “He then had an opportunity to literally get out of jail free when OP contacted them and said give the flag back,” they reasoned. “But once again he was too stubborn, and now he’s eating the consequence of his actions. NTA.”

One Redditor simply put it: “If it’s worth stealing, it’s worth calling the police.”

Another user agreed that the OP isn’t in the wrong, pointing out that her brother “committed a theft,” also adding, “Calling the police is what you should of done.”

Newsweek reached out to u/Acceptable-Sand3229 for comment but did not hear back at the time of publication.


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