Internet Supports Woman Who Refused to Fire Personal Trainer After His Wife’s Demand

A woman went viral on Reddit after posting about an altercation between her and her private trainer’s wife after she sent him a thank you gift card.

The Redditor, known only as u/aita-gym-trainer, received more than 12,100 votes and 1,400 comments on the post in only 18 hours.

The viral post said that the woman, 43, hired a personal trainer through her gym in 2018. She explained that she was in search of someone who had a good understanding of chronic pain because she needed help managing it after 20 years.

The Redditor said her trainer, who she gave the alias of “Alex,” was able to help her “beyond expectation.” She even said that thanks to him, her doctor was able to lower the dosage of her pain medication.

“So as a token of appreciation I gave Alex an early Christmas card last week with a $50 gift card,” the post explained. “The message was simple: ‘Thank you for your help. Best wishes.'”

But she explained that while she was solo training at the gym on Thursday a stranger approached her claiming to be Alex’s wife.

“She accused me of getting friendly with Alex and demanded that I ask the gym to switch trainers,” the post explained. “I refused and she got aggressive, so I got the staff involved and they removed her.”

According to, a tell-tale sign of an insecure partner is having little to no trust and resenting contact with other people they might find attractive.

Another sign of insecurity within a relationship is creating large battles out of small problems. For example, creating a large argument over a misunderstanding that could have easily been a civil conversation.

Alysha Jeney, a relationship therapist in Colorado, told Brides that insecurity often stems from past relationship wounds or trauma that made it more difficult to trust.

“You may have all the trust in the world that your partner isn’t going to cheat on you but still feel insecure,” Jeney told Brides.

In the Reddit post, the woman explained that when she told her friends about the situation they called her disrespectful and said she should respect the wife’s wishes.

“Though I don’t think Alex’s wife’s insecurity is my problem, I feel bad about possibly getting him into trouble at home. AITA?” u/aita-gym-trainer asked in the post.

In the comments, many users supported the Redditor for standing up for herself and making the decision to keep Alex as her trainer.

“NTA. It sounds to me like you found yourself an amazing personal trainer who went above and beyond what he ever needed to do,” one person commented. “You’re happier in your life and you’re medically improving. That’s great!”

Some said that if the woman did end up being Alex’s wife that she handled the situation inappropriately.

“How unhinged do you have to be to go to your spouse’s place of work and harass their clientele?” one commenter said.

“You gave him a gift card, not a hotel key,” one person mentioned. “She needs to check her crazy at the door. NTA.”

Some users mentioned the possibility that the woman was a “stalker imposter” and not actually Alex’s real wife.

“So first up I’d suggest there is a small but non-zero chance that was not his wife which would make things even weirder,” one user commented.

“That’s what I suspected too: this girl may not be his wife but possibly a jealous psycho who thinks Alex is her man,” another person replied.

In an update, u/aita-gym-trainer said that many mentioned the “possibility of a stalker imposter” and that she was “getting chills.”

“Never even thought of that! I’ll give the gym a call first because if it’s a stalker imposter then she might harass other people too,” the update read. “Since I don’t have Alex’s private number I’ll ask the gym to give him a heads up. Then I’ll talk to him when I see him next week!”

Woman and Personal Trainer
A woman claimed in a now-viral Reddit post that her personal trainer’s wife approached her at the gym and told her to find another trainer. The internet came to the Redditor’s support saying she should not fire her personal trainer just because his wife was “insecure.”
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