Internet Torn Over Customer Responding ‘Aggressively’ to Baker’s Request to Pay for Cake

The Internet is divided after a baker asked her neighbor to pay for a cake for a party they also attended, which seemed to offend the customer. The viral TikTok is garnering a lot of attention online with people on opposing sides of the situation.

TikToker @randomnessthatisawesome is a baker, and they recently shared a video of themselves icing a cake with vanilla frosting along to Trendy Deep House by TimTaj. In the video, words appeared on the screen explaining the situation.

“My neighbor usually orders cakes from me which I discount because she’s loyal,” the post read. They iced the cake as the wording continued explaining the scenario.

“Neighbor: ‘Hey, do you wanna come over for coffee on Friday?'” the TikToker continued.

The baker agreed, and the neighbor, who ordered cakes every two weeks up until this point, asked the TikToker to make a vanilla cake and bring it, telling them that they can pick the design of it.

The baker inquired about the size of the cake, asking if it was for her usual size, and the neighbor agreed. Then the date of the party came around, and the TikToker brought the cake with them. During the party where coffee was served, the hostess also served the cake to everyone there, which included other neighbors.

Upon leaving, the hostess didn’t offer payment, but the TikToker remembered to ask later. On another occasion, they saw the neighbor again and brought it up.

The neighbor explained that she thought they were bringing the cake “as a gift.” When she learned how much the cake was, which was the usual price, the TikToker said the neighbor “aggressively” opened her wallet and paid.

Pastry chef decorating cake
The internet is divided over a neighbor’s request for cake, and they’re asked to pay after the baker attends the party. In the photo, a pastry chef decorating a cake.

Months passed and the neighbor didn’t order any more cakes. The TikToker even brought a small cake over to see their neighbor, to which the neighbor replied, “How much do I need to pay for this one?” The TikToker assured her the cake was a gift, and the neighbor said, “Thanks then.”

According to ZipRecruiter, work-from-home bakery workers make anywhere from $14,500 to $130,000 a year. The national average is $25 an hour, equating to $52,995 a year.

Over 7 million people have viewed the viral TikTok so far with 400,000 likes and over 13,000 comments. People are divided on the subject with many people thinking the baker is in the wrong asking for payment while others took a different approach.

One TikToker doesn’t believe the neighbor was upset about having to pay as she paid every few weeks for cakes from the baker. “She’s upset because she viewed you as a good friend and realized you just view her as a customer,” they added.

While another viewer admitted they wouldn’t have actually charged the client. “Since it was a gathering you attended and ate and drank at, usually you tend to bring a food or drink item as a courtesy,” they said.

“She asked you to bring something to the gathering and you charged her for it,” another TikToker pointed out.

While a viewer admitted that they “can’t even imagine doing that to someone who orders” from them that often.

One TikToker though both parties were wrong in the situation. “You should have laid it out on the table when she was initially texting and she should have too,” they reasoned.

However, one viewer had a totally different reaction to the situation. “She was trying to take advantage of you,” they said. “Never ever discount your work [regardless of how ‘loyal’]. Maybe consider trade, but no discounts.”

Another seemed to agree, adding that you should “always charge full price.” They also said, “I think friends should never expect a discount, but that’s just me.”

“It wasn’t a gift if she asked for it, it was an order,” another TikToker explained. “She should’ve known to pay.”


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