Is Claro free internet accessible from anywhere?

In several cities in Brazil it is possible to find a wifi signal called #NET-CLARO-WIFI. This is Claro’s free internet available to access anywhere in the country. In fact, the signal is available in large Brazilian cities and you may have already found it.

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How to access Claro free internet in your city

First, make sure that the list of Wi-Fi networks appears on your cell phone with the name # NET-ClLARO-WIFI. If this happens, do the following:

1 – Open your device settings and select #NET-CLARO-WIFI. Thus, the login screen will open automatically. Now, you need to try to connect to some website without activating SSL protocol i.e. without http prefix.

2 – When you get to the Claro Free Internet Connect screen, you must choose how to access:

  • clear residential
  • survey participation and control;
  • Paid course
  • free access with ads; or
  • Buy a voucher.

3 – If you already have a Claro product for your home, simply access it using your My Claro login. If you have Claro Móvel plans, enter the number and authenticate using the code sent by SMS.

4 – After login authentication, simply use Claro’s free internet wherever you are within coverage.

attention: Claro free internet can be accessed after watching an ad. In this case, the connection time is limited to 15 minutes. If you want to use it for a longer period, just renew the period and watch more ads. You must register with your personal data.

If you want to rent the service, simply buy a voucher and choose how long you will use Claro’s Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, Claro customers can use a connection speed of 5MB/s.


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