IWIFI Plans to Acquire 50% Market Share of Internet Service

Petalling Jaya, Malaysia, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IWIFI is a platform for consumers with analysis and feedback to all internet and telecommunication companies in Malaysia. Jason Tai added, “IWIFI is a platform for consumers to have steady access to the internet and compare the prices and telecommunication services with just a simple click”. The mechanism is all taken part in the website, whereby the user can hover on the forms and the site generates the desired plan that is suitable for the user.

By launching a compensation program, the platform had successfully helped reduce more than RM350,000 network expenses for the community and was rewarded with more than 1250 5-star Google reviews on the business profile. In addition, the company also had done a notable commitment by helping 1699 families through the same program.

In 2021, an inaugural award organized by the Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF) nominated IWIFI as the winner of the 2021 top 4 honorary awards. The awards lists received were Asia Honesty Enterprise, Asian Honesty Entrepreneur, and Asian Honesty Product Awards. Recently, the platform also received Asia’s Top 100 Honesty Brand because of being honored in three categories at the same night.

Despite tough competition from other telco giants, in 2021, IWIFI consistently improved by launching a mobile app. Through collaborations, the mobile app helps the user run internet speed tests conveniently. The app reported 146 good ratings on the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. Desmond Ang added “Aside from making the platform convenient to our customer, the launching app served the community by operating as the speed test comparison. It is not a diversion of our focus to help the community, but to strengthen the value of IWIFI to our loyal customers.”

Desmond Ang said that “The reason why it is a success is because of our intention to help the community. Customers are able to check on the information of all internet companies in Malaysia allowing them to choose a suitable and valuable internet package”. In addition, the platform provides an opportunity for all telco companies to speed up their services, and hike up the overall internet speed in Malaysia.

The honorary award winner set their future plans to own 3C products such as modem and router to their platform. According to the national statistics, Malaysia’s electrical and electronics manufacturing contributed 16.9 percent from last year’s figure. The founders said that the platform will acquire 50% market share in the future by providing service and knowledge to every resident.

Due to post COVID19 endemic, the tourism industry will be facing a high volume of travellers in the future. Jason Tai added “3C products will help travellers or even home based workers to get the benefit of purchasing our products for optimizing their internet speeds. We are strongly believe that 50% of the internet service market share can be acquired in the future”

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