Kevin Holland makes a second internet troll eat his words in the gym (Video)

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Kevin Holland (21-7 MMA) has already taken down one troll who wanted to mix it up with him in the gym.

Holland had been getting tweets from a Jayden Draper, calling him out online and talking smack for a matchup with the middleweight fighter. Holland subsequently shared messages from the keyboard troll on Instagram and invited Draper to spar with him in the cage.

Apparently, Holland paid for Drapers’ bus ticket and hotel room and put an end to the trolls harassment by doing what he does best, taking him down in the gym.

Now, a second internet troll has made an appearance, and Kevin Holland again has complied.

In speaking about his new found hobby and second troll, ‘Trailblazer’ commented on Instagram:

“Honestly, I liked this troll way more,” Holland stated. “So this guy at the meet and greet called me Brunson… later he got an autograph, next day he got the pleasure of being troll No. 2. Two down, way too many to go. I’m gonna start needing help.”

“Dude ended up being respectful so, yes, I respect him for showing up.”

When asked by ESPN why Holland would invite a troll into the cage, he commented:

“Bottom line, people were saying things they shouldn’t be saying,” Holland said. “And they pull up to the gym and they finally get what they deserve. That’s just how it goes. Respect is big. Respect the athlete, respect the sport, respect the people that entertain you. Simple as that.”

Jason Williams took to Twitter to comment on a video of Kevin Holland sparring:

“Seeing Kevin Holland sparring with internet trolls is becoming my new favorite thing. He needs to make a show out of this 😂”

What are your thoughts on Kevin Holland inviting trolls into the gym to spar with him? Do you agree that Holland could get a lucrative following by turning this into perhaps a YouTube segment? Maybe he could call it “Trailblazer Trolls’? Share your thoughts in the comment section PENN Nation!

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