Letter: Think of the metaverse as electricity or the internet

Although I do like Robert Shrimsley’s sharp wit and timely sarcasm, his “Life, the metaverse and everything” (Spectrum, FT Weekend, November 13) seems misplaced and misdirected. Metaverse is akin to electricity (or the internet). One doesn’t need to understand it or believe in it, it just is. And if you touch those naked wires with bare hands, you’ll get a shock.

Likewise, it’s not sensible to mock or doubt what Meta, as Facebook has been renamed, is aiming to create, and will succeed in doing. All of us, one way or another, already have some parallel world in our lives. Metaverse will make it easier to experience it, while making it richer (and, yes, more addictive).

The younger generation already prefer TikTok videos and Instagram photos to the real world. I guess many of us saw teenagers sharing — in a physical group (!) — things they see around them via social media, rather than by pointing with a finger.

We will indeed be paying with the currency that doesn’t exist for things that don’t exist — funding it all with real money, though . . .

Whether we like it or not, metaverse just is.

Alexander Peschkoff
London SW7, UK


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