LiFiMAX Tab, the first tablet with LiFi, connects to the Internet through light

Connect to the Internet without using radio waves, through light? It’s a signal that hackers couldn’t intercept …

The LiFi technology It has been in the testing phase for a few years, but it seems that in 2022 we will be able to use it in our homes.

LiFi or Light fidelity, is a wireless communication system that uses light. Basically like WiFi, but through light, instead of radio waves.

LiFiMAX Tab, created by the French company Oledcomm, is the first commercial tablet with LiFi, so it connects to the Internet through light. You can see it in this video:

LiFi employs some led lights that have the ability to turn on and off several million times per second.

Using the invisible spectrum of light, infrared, Oledcomm converts this information to binary data, such as an optical Morse code.

This modulation occurs so quickly, more than 10 million times per second, that the eye cannot perceive it.

For the technology to work, you have to use a converter device that converts the Internet signal that reaches us through the optical fiber, to the LiFi standard.

WiFi 6 is the new standard for WiFi connections that comes to improve your wireless connections by optimizing your speed and the stability of your navigation.

This signal is sent to a LiFi receiver on the ceiling, there must already be visual contact between all the devices, because unlike radio waves, light does not pass through objects. Although it can bounce.

This LiFi receiver sends the Internet signal to the tablet, which has a photonic antenna to receive it. The connection speed is 150 Mbps with AES encryption.

The main advantage is that when using the light cannot be hacked by conventional methods. Hacking hardware with LiFi would be necessary, which to this day … does not exist. In addition, the connection is encrypted.

The tablet itself is a simple model to use for the whole family or for an educational level, including children, which is why it uses a huge anti-shock silicone case.

Has a 10.1-inch 1080p screen with 8-core MediaTek MTK6762 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

It also has a 2 MB camera on the front, a 5 MB rear camera, an 8,000 mAh battery for the tablet … and another of 6,000 mAh for LiFi antenna.

LiFiMAX Tab costs 400 euros, but the price of the LiFi installation necessary to use it has not been communicated.


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