Livingston County conducting survey to assess internet access

Livingston County's survey on internet in the county went live, as shown Friday, Oct. 8, 2021.

A survey asking Livingston County residents and businesses about their internet service, or lack thereof, is live. 

The county’s survey will collect data on what types of internet people have, how fast it is, what types of devices they use and other information. 

People with fixed internet service can hit a button at the end of the survey to test upload and download speeds. 

“We all know there is a need for broadband connectivity here in Livingston County,” Livingston County Chief Information Officer Kristoffer Tobbe, who is also a member of Brighton City Council, said Friday morning during a county webinar. 

“Our county has been underserved,” Tobbe said. 

He said the survey will help the county plan a broadband initiative to increase internet access and speeds in the county. 


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