Logan Paul Has Been Called Out For A Boxing Fight By Internet Sensation Hasbulla

Logan Paul has been given a new challenge inside the boxing ring, with internet sensation Hasbulla calling out the YouTuber for a fight.

Paul became a name in the sport when he took on rival YouTuber KSI in 2018, in what was a supercharged white collar fight, before they fought again in a professional situation a year later.

Despite losing the fight, Paul had enough of a taste of the fame and money that the fights brought to step inside the rind once again last year.

The 26-year-old took on Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition fight in Florida and, though his brother has overtaken him when it comes to staying active in the sports, there has been talk of the older Paul fighting again.

Now he has a challenger, with Hasbulla taking to Twitter to call for a fight with Paul, and throwing a couple of jabs into the mix.

The small Russian went viral last year for his videos with Abdu Rozik, with the two rivals often looking to have a fight in their videos.

Hasbulla has become a star due to the videos and he has attempted to make his fight with Rozik inside of a UFC cage, with reports of a deal last year.

If he can’t get into a cage, then maybe a fight with Paul is possible, with the American responding to the call out on his Instagram story.

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram
Paul compared Hasbulla to White Goodman. Image: Instagram
Paul compared Hasbulla to White Goodman. Image: Instagram

Paul recently revealed that him and former rival KSI had started a business together, with the pair announcing a new energy drink.


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