Longview-Kilgore Cable hopes to restore internet service today | Local News

Longview-Kilgore Cable hopes internet service will be restored to Cablelynx subscribers today, after a “multi-level carrier failure” disrupted service starting Thursday afternoon.

The service loss occurred after other companies’ fiber lines were cut in the Dallas area. Longview-Kilgore Cable provides internet service to the Longview, Kilgore and Hallsville areas. General Manager Don Deem said the cut involves equipment from one of its vendors and it affected “a lot of other companies” as well.

“Our lines and plant are not damaged. There is not any work locally that we can do to restore the service,” said a letter from the cable company to customers on Friday. “We lease their circuits to deliver our broadband services and we have three carriers for redundancy purposes to ensure our customers would not be impacted if one or the other went down. To have a failure of all three companies at one time is just not typical. It is important to note that this multi-level carrier failure has impacted many more communities and providers with customers like you beyond our service area including parts of Texas and Arkansas. So there are many people working to restore as fast as possible.”

The company’s eMTA phone services also were affected.

Longview-Kilgore Cable is working with the three affected carriers to offer assistance and to provide updated information to customers, the letter says. Windstream said it had identified the cut in its system and expected to start repairs around noon today. Level 3 (Lumen) also had located its fiber cut and started repairs. ATT also has located where its fiber cut occurred and said it would start repairs around 4 p.m. The company could not provide a restoration time.

“To say we understand the impact of losing your internet service would be an understatement,” the Longview-Kiilgore cable letter says. “We are aware our subscribers use the internet for more than entertainment and rely on our services for medical needs, business operations, employment and educational programs. There are many asking about credits to the account and can assure you that we agree our subscribers should be compensated on their bill for the days they were not able to use the service. At this time, the focus is on restoring the service and once that is complete, we will answer the questions regarding credits to the account.”

Customers do not need to report that their service is out, Longview-Kilgore Cable’s letter says.

“If you can follow us on Facebook at Longview Cable TV, our updates are posted there.  As we have significant new updates, we will email also.  If you need a letter for your employer or school, please email that request to support@cablelynx.com.”

The outage began Thursday afternoon.

“The circuits are not restored. We do not have an ETR (estimated time of restoration),” the company said in a 7:30 a.m. update on its Facebook page on Friday. “This remains the priority of both our vendors we lease the circuits and our company engineers. The phone lines and chats will be busy again with long hold times.”

The company first reported the outage at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday saying the “service interruption” has been impacting customers for about the past 20 minutes.

In updates since, the company reported that its lines and equipment are good.

“We do not have any damage in our service area. We are like other providers will lease circuits to deliver the internet service from companies and we use Level 3, ATT and Windstream. We lease these circuits for redundancy purposes. Level 3 is reporting a fiber cut in Dallas. Windstream is reporting “a major event” and their circuit is down and ATT has not responded yet to why they are down. We are working with Level 3 to route us to a data center in Houston and waiting for confirmation. More updates will be provided when available,” the company said at 7 p.m. Thursday.


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