‘Lunatics running the asylum’: Internet joins Joe Rogan in slamming ‘woke’ tech employees

On many occasions, Joe Rogan has found himself trolled, slammed, and criticized by the internet for his comments. However, it appears there is one area the two can definitely agree on – Silicon Valley employees. After Rogan slammed Bay Area tech workers as “woke” and “mentally ill”, the internet sided with the controversial podcast host, in a very rare move. It’s one of the very rare occasions where ‘Joe Rogan’ trending on Twitter doesn’t show the host being called names.

Tech giants are currently drawing widespread ire from both sides of the aisle, with little room for compromise. Republicans, led by Donald Trump have claimed the companies practice too much censorship, while Democrats claim they don’t go far enough. Adding to that, companies are also under immense pressure from employees, who’ve staged walkouts and protests over whistleblowers, working conditions, and even politics. 


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Needless to say, the tech giants find themselves between a rock and a hard place at the moment. With few good options, they continue to be hauled before Congress and mocked on the very platforms they created. A good example of this is Joe Rogan’s takedown, which quickly became the talk of Twitter on March 24, 2022.

‘Lunatics are running the asylum’

Rogan’s comments came during an interview with Antonio García Martínez, a former Apple and Facebook employee who was booted over misogynistic and racist comments. The Silicon Valley veteran landed in trouble with his colleagues at Apple over his 2016 book ‘Chaos Monkeys’, an autobiography about his time with several firms including Twitter. In the book, Martinez reportedly wrote “women in the Valley are ‘full of s–t,” and called one Indian co-worker a “bored auto-rickshaw driver from Delhi.”

Those comments, along with others forced Apple employees to push for his ouster, which happened just a month after he joined the firm in 2021. Appearing on Rogan’s podcast, Martinez said, “For someone from the outside, we look at it and say: ‘How are those f—–g places run?” In response, Rogan said a friend “described it to me she’s like it is utter madness.” He added, “And the lunatics are running the asylum to a certain extent.”

“Because a lot of people that are inside the company that legitimately are mentally ill and they consider themselves activists,” Rogan went on to say. He then alleged, “there’s a certain percentage of the population of the people that work for the company, and they’re the loudest – and they oftentimes don’t get work done.” Rogan’s friend reportedly had to tell her team “You are here for X amount of hours per day. This is your f**king job. You’re not an activist.”

Antonio García Martínez with Joe Rogan. (@antoniogm/Twitter)


‘Truth’ and ‘correct’ says net in response

Those comments quickly caught the imagination of the internet, and users wasted little time in dunking on employees. “He’s not wrong,” one user said. “I prefer the term “Idiots”,” another tweeted. Other replies included “truth” and “correct”. 


“Its 100% true!” one user replied to the story. Another said, “Good. BLAST ’em.” A third replied, “yup. im with him on this.”



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