Make Paytm payment without Internet connection from iPhones and Androids with a tap

Paytm Tap to Pay service has just been launched and it enables users to make payments without Internet connection from iPhones and Androids.

Paytm has introduced virtual card ‘Tap to Pay’ service to ease the payment process further and lure more users. This Paytm payment service will allow users to make instant payments through their Paytm registered card by just tapping their phone on a PoS machine. Interestingly, the company has enabled Paytm payment without Internet. Yes, Paytm Tap to Pay service will work even if the phone is locked or when there is no mobile data or internet connection. This service is available for both iPhones as well as Android users who opt for Paytm All-in-One PoS devices and PoS machines of other banks to make payments.

Once the card is available for tokenization, Paytm users can make payments by just tapping the phone on a PoS machine from a registered card saved on Paytm app.

Additionally, with the latest Tap to Pay service, the company also used robust technology to convert the 16-digit primary account number (PAN) of the selected card into a secured transaction code or a “digital identifier”. This will ensure that a user’s card details are not shared with any third party payment processor as the users will not have to share their card details for the transaction.

The activated cards can be managed through a dedicated dashboard on the Paytm app. Users will also be able to see the transaction history of the card there. They can even change the primary tokenized card in a few simple steps.



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