Makeup artist says depression is a ‘fancy’ word. Internet blasts her

An Instagram story that celebrity makeup artist Leena Bhushan shared recently has left netizens furious. The reason, you ask? Read the full story here.

Makeup artist says depression is a 'fancy' word. (Representative image)

Makeup artist says depression is a ‘fancy’ word. (Representative image)

Celebrity makeup artist and influencer Leena Bhushan has 755k followers on Instagram. She often takes to the gram to share pictures from her work diaries. However, an Instagram story that she shared recently has left netizens furious. The reason, you ask? Well, a section of the internet claims that her word of advice to an Instagram user battling depression was tone-deaf and insensitive.

The celebrity makeup artist was conducting a ‘Time for confessions’ session where people poured their heart out. An Instagram user confessed that she was battling depression and how she missed her old self. “I miss the old me who was so happy. Now I am diagnosed with major depression disorder. Life is so unreal.”

Leena Bhushan’s advice to the user was, “Wait, wait, wait.. Depression is a fancy word and who diagnosed it? Train your mind not to feel it and admit it tomorrow when you wake up. Workout a little and pretend to be happy until you genuinely feel happy. It’s in your hands and not the one who diagnosed it.”

The screenshot of her Instagram story was posted on Reddit where several users wrote how this was tone-deaf and insensitive. Some users also shared their personal experiences. “Man, this hits home to me as well. I always refrain from sharing such stuff with my family and siblings too because I know it’s just going to turn out as an event of mockery for me. It’s ironic when you expect your elders to understand but they will instead make you feel more down about it,” a user wrote.

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Leena Bhushan is yet to issue a statement.

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