Man stuns the internet with his Guinness drinking party trick

One man has captured the hearts and minds of internet users everywhere, after his remarkable Guinness drinking trick went viral on social media.

Credit: YouTube/Andy Eardley

It’s not every day someone is able to astound the internet with something as simple as drinking a pint of Guinness. But this was no mean feat – rather a complex, many faceted party trick with its fair share of jeopardy involved.

Beginning with an empty glass in his mouth, the man somehow manages to cleanly transfer his pint of Guinness into the empty glass, then do a balancing act between the two glasses worthy of a circus act, before downing the entire pint of Guinness in one. Some spectacle.

You can watch the whole thing for yourself right here:

And Twitter users were extremely taken by the man’s antics. “Behold your new king.” One person wrote, while another added, “That is a useful skill in so many ways.”


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