Man’s ‘Petty’ Revenge Plan For Flatmate Leaves The Internet In Tears

Man's ‘Petty’ Revenge Plan For Flatmate Leaves The Internet In TearsAlamy

Another day, another truly unhinged AITA Reddit post.

AITA – or ‘Am I The A**hole?’ for the uninitiated – is fast becoming the go-to place for friends and relatives to air out those grievances where you just can’t see why the other person is upset.

Some of them are tame, some of them are questionable, and some are truly unbelievable, but no matter the predicament, you can always rely on Reddit to give you a considered debate.

The most recent AITA case that has been reducing the internet to hysterics involves a pair of flatmates who recently got into a disagreement over the decision of one of them to bring home a cat.

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‘So about two months ago [my flatmate] decided to buy a cat without even considering my opinion,’ the poster explained. ‘He asked me once when we first moved in, about two years ago, and I did say that I would not like to have one… I kept telling him that I should be included in such decisions and that he can’t just do something this big without giving me notice.’

After getting into an argument over the cat, the poster explained, ‘I was p***ed.’ But rather than try and convince the flatmate to get rid of the cat (he’s not heartless), and rather than give the flatmate and the cat the cold shoulder as others might have in that situation, he chose a different, and altogether more petty tactic.

‘I decided instead of ignoring her, I would shower her with love. My plan was simple, to steal her love. I started by giving her treats and slowly getting closer to her. And wouldn’t you know it, it worked,’ he explained. ‘As I am typing this she is sitting right besides me.’

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While the poster appears to have successfully executed his revenge, he says he’s now questioning whether what he did made him the a**hole in the situation.

Luckily, the people of Reddit were on his side.

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‘I was dreading reading this, terrified of where it would go. This is by far the best end I could have imagined. 100% [Not The A**hole] You win, the cat wins, AH roommate loses. I see no downside,’ one person wrote.

‘Petty revenge, this is awesome,’ another person commented, with a third writing, ‘I don’t think you have a good grasp on how pay back works… he got to keep the cat, you got a cat you did not want, and the cat got two people to love it.’

Others joked that the true mastermind of the situation wasn’t actually either of the flatmates at all, as someone posted, ‘From the cat’s diary: ‘Day 65, my plan is working perfectly: now each of the two humans believes to be my favourite.’


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