Media rights body helps RFI, France 24 bypass Mali internet ban

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Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders has announced the creation of “mirror” websites that allow RFI and France 24 to remain available online in Mali despite a ruling junta ban on the French broadcasters.

On Wednesday, the junta definitively banned RFI and France 24 in the wake of reports that the Sahel nation’s army had carried out abuses.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said it had used its Operation Collateral Freedom mirror site to ensure that the websites of the two broadcasters can be accessed from within Mali.

RSF launched the operation in 2015. The organisation’s “mirror sites” enable 47 websites in 24 countries, including Russia, “to circumvent censorship by their governments”.

RFI and France 24 cover African news extensively and have a strong following in the former French colony.

The broadcast ban comes after diplomatic relations between Mali and its former colonial power France plunged to their lowest point in years amid disputes over democracy and the alleged presence of Russian paramilitaries in the country.

Mali expelled the French ambassador in January.

RFI accused of incitement to hatred

The junta in power in Bamako announced on 17 March the suspension of the broadcasting authorisation granted to RFI and France 24.

The two French broadcasters were accused of incitement to hatred, after publishing testimonies implicating the Malian army in abuses against civilians.

The French government had called Mali’s initial temporary suspension of the French media channels a grave attack on press freedom.

France Medias Monde, the state-owned parent company of RFI and France 24, said in a statement that it “strongly contests the definitive decision to suspend” the two broadcasters.

According to locals in Bamako, the regular France 24 and RFI websites were not completely blocked on Thursday morning and could be loaded onto mobile phones, without necessarily having to go through the mirror sites created by RSF.

How to receive RFI and France 24 in Mali despite ban

Following the final decision of the Malian High Authority for Communication (HAC) to suspend the broadcasting authorisations of RFI and France 24 in the country, France Médias Monde is mobilising all technical solutions to continue to make the offerings of RFI and France 24 accessible, and to enable Malians to choose free, independent, expert information that is open to the world.

To continue to receive RFI :

On shortwave: in French, Mandenkan and Fulfulde (schedules and frequencies to be found on the social networks)

On YouTube: (live in French and programmes in Mandinkan and Fulfulde)

On Facebook: RFI in French, RFI in Mandenkan, RFI in Fulfulde

VPN access: Access website as well as to the RFI and RFI Pure Radio mobile applications (iOS/Android)

Twitter: RFI / RFI Afrique

By satellite: Eutelsat 16 A and SES 4 (RFI in French) / SES 5 (RFI in French and African languages)

To continue receiving France 24:

Via direct satellite reception: Eutelsat 16° East (in French) / SES 5° East (in French and English) / Arabsat/Badr (in French, English, Arabic)


On Facebook: France 24 in French, France 24 in English, France 24 in Arabic,France 24 in Spanish

VPN: Access to and to the France 24 mobile application (iOS/Android)

In addition to these accesses, it is also possible to connect to the RFI and France 24 websites in Mali via mirror sites set up in partnership with Reporters Without Borders as part of the “Collateral Freedom” initiative, accessible at the following addresses:

UN condemns junta decision

The United Nations on Friday condemned Mali’s decision to definitively suspend RFI and France 24, warning it was only the latest move to stifle press freedom in the Sahel nation.

“We are deeply dismayed by the Malian media regulator’s decision,” UN rights office spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani told reporters in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We call on Mali’s transitional military authorities to reverse this ban and allow independent media to work freely in the country.”


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