‘Meet Goa’s cutest hitch-hiker’: Dog’s ride with traveller wins the internet

A traveller in Goa was interrupted by a dog while she was riding a motorbike and the internet is loving the way the canine managed to go on a ride with Mayura Gautham. Gautham, a traveller from Bengaluru, has posted a clip on Instagram about “Goa’s cutest hitch-hiker” and the video has struck a chord with netizens.

The clip shows the dog trying to get on her bike and not letting her go. The dog wags its tail and finally manages to get seated in the front as the clip shows glimpses of the canine’s ride on the motorbike. Quite happy with the ride, the dog did not let the traveller go after dropping it at a market. Fulfilling the dog’s desire, Gautam again ventured on a ride with it.

“Meet Goa’s cutest Hitch-hiker ..!!!” reads the caption of the Instagram post. As the clip gained traction online, Gautham talked about the dog in the comments section. She said the dog lives in the Arambol area in Goa. The dog is fed well and is often spotted going on rides with strangers, she added.

“Guys, thank you so much for the love on this Video… He lives in Arambol, where I used to live before. I couldn’t have adopted him because I keep travelling and also look at him, he is such a happy doggo. That’s his place!! He is well-fed and happily roams around on bikes, I’ve seen him go on rides with other (random)people as well He gets a lot of love in that area!!!!” Gautam wrote.

The clip has garnered more than 1.35 lakh likes so far and netizens showered love for the post. “God bless you, U did a good job by making the dog happy,” commented a user.

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