Metro by T-Mobile launches prepaid unlimited 5G home internet for $50 per month

What you need to know

  • T-Mobile’s home internet service is coming to prepaid customers via 7,000 Metro by T-Mobile locations.
  • Metro by T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet costs $50 per month plus a one-time $99 fee for the required hardware.
  • Setup is quick and easy with setup completed in the T-Mobile Home Internet app with no professional installation required.

T-Mobile’s 5G Home internet has been a great proof of concept when it comes to a 5G-connected future. T-Mobile’s Home Internet plan is one of the best bargains in the space thanks to its solid broadband speeds and unlimited data, but you still need to get signed up with T-Mobile to use it. To remove one more hurdle, T-Mobile announced that it’s bringing 5G Home Internet to 7,000 Metro by T-Mobile stores for prepaid customers.

Getting 5G Home Internet from Metro by T-Mobile costs $50 per month with a one-time fee of $99 for the internet gateway. If you were to get the service directly from T-Mobile, you would get the gateway included for free, but you would need to qualify with T-Mobile’s credit check. You would also be on the hook for a fee if you didn’t return the equipment when you canceled the service.


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