Microsoft holds Windows 11 update for devices with Internet Explorer as primary browser

Microsoft is applying a compatibility hold on Windows 10 devices that use Internet Explorer as the primary browser or default browser. This is being done because people who use Internet Explorer as their daily browser were not able to access the saved information on the browser after upgrading to the latest Windows 11. Keep reading to know more about how the Redmond-based company is handling the situation. 

Microsoft mentions in a Windows release health post that “after updating top Windows 11, saved information and data from Internet Explorer 11 might not be accessible if you did not accept to import it into Microsoft Edge before the upgrade.” The post highlights that all the devices which run Internet Explorer as the primary browser are affected by the problem. 

Windows 10 users should move their data to Edge from Internet Explorer

However, the post also mentions that users who have accepted to import their iE11 information and data info from Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 before upgrading to Windows 11 will not be facing this problem. The company is working on a fix and will provide an update in the upcoming “release of Microsoft Edge.” 

While it can vary for different users, the web browser data might contain any saved passwords, cookies, preferences, shortcuts, bookmarks and other information that helps the browser deliver a customized user experience. Hence, the users who would not be able to access this information might face difficulty in opening various websites.

It has been some time since Microsoft introduced Windows 11 and the operating system is making its way to more and more computers every day. The Redmond based company recently announced that its latest operating system will get new features and updates on a regular basis and will be available for a greater number of users in 2022. Following up on that, Microsoft has released the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build on February 16, 2022, and it comes with a lot of new features. 

As mentioned by Microsoft on its official website, the new Windows 11 build “includes a handful of new features for Insiders to try including folders in the pinned apps area of Start, live captions, a new Focus experience, Quick Access improvements in File Explorer, new touch gestures and a lot more.” Adding to it, Microsoft says that “this build also includes a lot of general improvements and refinements to Windows 11 too.”


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