Microsoft is now urging users to stop using Internet Explorer

Microsoft is now telling you to say “goodbye” to Internet Explorer once and for all.

As the legendary web browser, Internet Explorer is bound to officially retire on June 15, the software giant behind it, Microsoft is now practically begging organizations and other active users to avoid waiting until the last moment to stop using Internet Explorer.

While other consumers and most businesses who were former users of the browser have now moved on to other modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or others, some organizations still heavily rely on using Internet Explorer to gain access to certain sites. Even though Microsoft has consistently reminded businesses that Internet Explorer will officially be shut down this year, not all companies and organizations were proactive enough to have an initial plan for transitioning to other browsers just yet.

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This has led the software giant to practically beg current and active users of Internet Explorer to stop using the browser, and don’t wait until June 15th to do that. On a recent blog post by the Microsoft Tech Community page, Eric Van Aelstyn, senior product manager for hardware, recommended that business who are still using Internet Explorer should now set their own retirement date of using the browser instead, ahead of Internet Explorer’s official retirement date.

In the blog post, Aelstyn also pointed out that, “waiting for something to happen can be stressful, especially with complex IT environments” which is why the software company is now encouraging organizations to prepare and plan ahead as they move forward in using other modern browsers.

Along with this, Microsoft also reminded these active organizations and businesses to inform their employees about the change and have them import their important data. Along with deploying their own schedule date on when they will completely disable the use of Internet Explorer for their own companies, to avoid unnecessary stress as they near June 15. With these recommendations, Microsoft still believes that if these companies fail to prepare ahead of time with their browsing transitioning, June 15 could be one hell of a hectic day if they don’t plan accordingly.


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