Milkmans “F1” Vehicle Has Got The Attention Of The Internet; Anand Mahindra Approves

Milk is a big part of our life, isn’t it?! We have grown up waiting for the ‘doodhwala’ (milkman) to deliver fresh cow’s milk so that we could drink our daily glass of milk in the morning. Nowadays, milkmen and milk delivery systems have completely changed. Gone are the days when we could enjoy freshly squeezed milk at home, commercialization has given us tetra pak milk, milk packets and quick delivery services; and now milk is delivered to us within minutes! However, one milkman’s technical genius has led him to create a milk delivery vehicle that has not only caught the internet’s attention but also of automobile conglomerate Anand Mahindra! It seems like the focus of the milkman is to deliver fresh milk to his customers with speed! Take a look:

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In the video, we see a three-wheeled make-shift vehicle, that seems like a cross between a car and a bike, running at warp speed, with canisters of milk at the back. The driver was all strapped in with seat belts and a helmet. The video is shared by @RoadsofMumbai on Twitter and it has over 3.2k retweets, 390 quote tweets and over 21k likes! The vehicle looked a lot like a Formula One car and therefore they captioned the video as “When you want to become a F1 driver, but the family insists in helping the dairy business.”

It seems like the vehicle was an invention of the milkman, with the wiring and the engine of the vehicle completely exposed, and the man was testing the vehicle by delivering milk to his customers. Anand Mahindra is one of the biggest supporters of automobile innovators in India and was truly amazed and inspired to see this milkman’s skill and genius and even wants to meet him! Here’s what he wrote, “I’m not sure his vehicle meets road regulations, but I hope his passion for wheels remains unregulated…This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long while. I want to meet this road warrior…”

Here’s what people tweeted about the vehicle:

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