Mississippi to get desperately needed help for roads, internet, water systems

With President Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan neatly secured, delivery of the funds allocated for each state, county and city is taking shape. Mississippi will receive some $4.46 billion through the measure.

The major share of the dollars –$3.3 billion – flowing to this state in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, as it is officially known, will appropriately be for transportation projects.

 “For decades, infrastructure in Mississippi has suffered from a systemic lack of investment,” a statement from the Federal Highway Administration said. “In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave Mississippi a D+ grade on its infrastructure report card.”

Just what encompasses that failing grade for the state? Mainly, it’s the 8,480 miles of highways that are in poor condition and 1,386 bridges rated as deficient and dangerous for the driving public. The report says driving on roads that are in need of repair costs each Mississippi driver $637 yearly  – certainly not a surprise to motorists who spend an inordinate amount of time dodging potholes and craters on interstate highways and local roads.


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