Mobile operators launch service of access to Internet in national roaming

Mobile operators launch service of access to Internet in national roaming

The Ukrainian mobile operators Kyivstar, Vodafone Ukraine and Lifecell have realized the opportunity to use mobile Internet within national roaming.

According to the joint message of the companies, distributed on Sunday, now subscribers can use not only voice calls and SMS, but also mobile 2G/3G Internet at speeds up to 512 kbps to exchange messages in instant messengers or search for information on the Internet.

National roaming allows you to connect to the network of another if the connection of one operator is lost.

“At the moment, the availability of mobile Internet is no less important than calls, because it allows you to keep in touch with loved ones online and check the latest news. At the same time, the tariffing of services in national roaming is maintained in accordance with the tariff plan of the operator whose services the subscriber uses,” the report says.

Roaming works automatically for Lifecell subscribers. If there is no connection to the network of another operator, manual settings must be made.

Kyivstar and Vodafone Ukraine subscribers can use this option by making manual settings on their smartphone and disabling auto network selection.

As noted in the message, if registration failed, you need to try again or select another network.

It is also important for subscribers to try daily to return (connect) to the network of their operator manually or by turning on automatic network selection.


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