Mom of 8 astonishes internet with photo with daughters

An age-defying mom-of-eight has left the internet stunned after posting a picture with her daughters.

Many people couldn’t tell who was who in the photos and commented they looked like sisters.

Louise Young, believed to be 45-years-old, shared a snap of her and her daughters at the gym working out together.

The mom, from Scotland, often shares pictures of her and her daughters’ glamorous outfits on her Instagram account, louiseyoung1975.

And Louise’s good looks have left many users in shock.

Despite the age gap, she is often mistaken for her children’s sister.

Louise has eight daughters with her husband, three of whom are now married.

Although Louise is often posting glamorous photos of herself and her family, she’s still a mom of eight and has to get on with the housework like the rest of us.

With five of her daughters still living at home, the mom shared a video of the ginormous laundry pile she had to tackle.

Mother and daughters pose at the gym.
Mother and daughters pose at the gym.

People praised her in the comments as a “wonder woman” for her upbeat energy, stunning looks, and for being a great mom.

The mom has been inundated with people commenting on how young she looks.

Not only that, Paris Fury — wife of boxer Tyson Fury — even showed her love, reposting the picture of Louise working out with her daughters.

Paris wrote: “Seriously goals right there. This is a mother with three of her eight daughters working out. #femaleempowerment.”

Mother and daughter
Louise has garnered online attention for her youthful appearance.

Many thought Louise was her daughters’ sister, not mom, one wrote, “I’m trying to work out who mom was … Goals right there!”

“Wow what a woman you look so young to have a big family, love to have your energy.” Added another user.

A third person exclaimed: “You look like sisters!”

“Look like sisters! Beautiful.” A fourth person commented.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.


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