More internet service a possibility in Craven County rural areas

Charter-Spectrum is one of three internet provider companies that the Craven County board of commissioners heard proposals from in order to help bring a better quality of internet to underserved areas in the county.

There is an infamous stretch of N.C. Highway 43 between Craven County and Pitt County where drivers immediately lose cell and internet service. 

The area is a “dead zone” and there are many more in rural areas of Craven. 

Most of the dead zones in the county come from areas such as Ernul, Fort Barnwell, North Vanceboro, Cove City, and Harlowe. However, there are some within the city of New Bern as well, explained County Manager Jack Veit III. 

To go along with that, there are also households and businesses in the county that pay for internet services but are seen as underserved by the Federal Communications Commission and the North Carolina Department of Information Technology Division of Broadband, according to a news release from the county. 


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