More Internet Upgrades Completed In Barrington

Internet upgrades continue in the Municipality of Barrington.

As of last week, another portion of the internet project in Barrington East was completed.

The project to improve internet services in the area was announced in September, 2020.

Warden Eddie Nickerson says there are still a few areas left to complete.

“Hopefully we’ll see 99 percent of the municipality serviced by fibre-op within the next two or three months, that’s what we’re hoping for,” says Nickerson.

Woods Harbour/Shag Harbour to Doctors Cove and Bear Point have already been upgraded.

“Port La Tour will be online anytime, they’re just finishing a few more details. The rest of Barrington Head area should be completed,” added Nickerson.

The municipality invested nearly $244,000 in the project for Barrington East.


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