Mountain Statesman | Bolyard to host community forum about new, safer Internet portals

TAYLOR COUNTY—This day in age, it is important to protect your sensitive information, especially while online. To help arm residents with a better understanding of risks, as well as a solution to the issue, a special discussion will be held.

Join David Bolyard and Brandon Downey as they host a community forum to help pilot the future of the internet, one that is safer and easier to use. The forum is set to take place on Thursday, April 28, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Taylor County Shrine Club, located at 880 Blueville Drive, Grafton.

“Communities have allowed internet entities to control them, and now it is time to take back that control,” voiced Bolyard, creator of 2LookLocal.

He shared that he hopes will help users find just what they’re looking for without the threat of malicious individuals seeking to defraud them or steal their information.

“I am working with Trilogy, my developer, and what we’re actually doing is that we’re trying to form a new portal opportunity for local communities, governments, nonprofits and businesses to be able to only see what’s validated in that portal, meaning that other companies can’t dump sites in there to try to drive traffic to online companies,” Bolyard explained.

He said that the local portals could be very beneficial acting as sources of revenue, advertising, fundraising and internet/IT.

“With this portal, we can keep our money local, helping to boost the economy right here at home,” he expressed.

And what makes the platform even better is that it helps keep users safe from common threats such as fraud, scraping, predators on youth, misinformation and invalid content. It will also help keep folks from being controlled by large internet businesses based on what content makes them the most money.

“With a community local online portal, we can generate local revenue, prevent fraud, create jobs, protect our community and youths and help non-profits utilize an additional revenue source,” Bolyard disclosed. “ is protected by two United States Patents what I have already obtained, and a third is pending.”

Each entity will be assigned a portal of their own, and information can be shared directly from there.

“We have a website that’s going to be set up as a hybrid of a website and Facebook type plat-form. It is going to have the look of Facebook and the feel of Facebook, but it’s going to be a website,” Bolyard explained. “Information will be added there and then from the portal it will then be shared to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that the business or organization may use, and then they won’t have to manage multiple pages.”

He said the websites would have enhanced security features that will help to ward off bots or individuals attempting to scrape information from page users.

“On Thursday, we’re just a the pilot meeting to go over the plans and the project to see how beneficial it can be for those that utilize it,” Right now our focus is on businesses, nonprofits and government departments. It’s really going to give them a full Internet security platform without having to have a big IT department.”

So, if you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of an online local community portal and how it could be beneficial for your business or group, be sure to attend the forum.

For more information, please contact Bolyard via phone at 304-904-9433 or email at [email protected]


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