New Google Chrome Update May Cause Massive Internet Outage This Coming Week

The new Google Chrome version called “Chrome 100” may cause an issue. This is according to tech experts. This update could lead to a massive internet outage.  

New Google Chrome Update To Create Massive Internet Outage? Why 'Chrome 100' is a Big Problem

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If this is true, then many websites, including Facebook and other popular platforms, will be inaccessible. Even Mozilla believes that the internet blackout can happen once the new Chrome version arrives. 

“Major version 100 is a big milestone for both Chrome and Firefox. It also has the potential to cause breakage on websites as we move from a two-digit to a three-digit version number,” said the Mozilla team via Express UK. 

New Google Chrome Update Leads To Internet Outage? 

Many tech experts claimed that the new Chrome 100 update might affect many popular online sites, preventing Google users from accessing them. 

New Google Chrome Update To Create Massive Internet Outage? Why 'Chrome 100' is a Big Problem

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As of the moment, the exact release date of the new search engine enhancement is still not confirmed. But, various rumors stated that Google might launch it before March ends. 

Some people are concerned about the new Google Chrome 100 since many websites malfunction when the browser they are being accessed from has three digits in the name. 

Right now, there’s no issue with Google Chrome 99 since it only has three digits. But, once the title becomes “Chrome 100,” many online platforms may suffer from annoying glitches. 

As of the moment, Google and Mozilla are working on the issue to reduce its effects.  

Chrome 100’s Expected Arrival and Other Details

Android Police reported that the new Chrome 100 version could arrive in Mar. 29. But, since concerns regarding the massive internet outage arose, this estimated release date can still change. 

Although an issue is expected to happen, Google said that the new Chrome update is essential since it offers many enhancements. These include a better downloading experience, as well as an optional tab-closing confirmation dialog. 

Aside from these two benefits, the upcoming Chrome 100 will allow users to mute their browser tabs easily. 

Meanwhile, Google Chrome for macOS is expected to be more efficient than Safari. 

On the other hand, the Google Chrome share password was recently confirmed. 

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