New tower built for MOPC rural internet project

If you’ve driven by the Municipality of Pictou County building recently, you may have noticed something new, – something a little on the tall side.

What is now visible on the property is one of the 17 towers that will be part of the municipality’s rural internet service project.

This new tower will provide a 2 km to 5 km radius wireless service, covering about 400 homes.

“Timeline wise for the towers we are expecting them all to be up by the end of the summer,” says Sueann Musick, communication officer for the Municipality of Pictou County.

Some towers are already up because they are co-located, some have to be built like the one behind the Municipality of Pictou County building and some still need land securement.

The tower behind the Municipality of Pictou County is expected to be in service by mid-May.

As each tower becomes operational people will be notified by mail if their home falls within a tower’s reach. The Municipality of Pictou County will be providing a wireless service via the towers estimated to cost $50 a month without an installation fee.

In the mail, people will be given information on how to sign up if they are interested. People will be notified if fibre is an option for them as well

Internet service providers will be able to use the municipality’s infrastructure to provide residents with high-speed fibre internet, which is estimated to cost $130 a month.


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