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VPNs are quickly becoming more or less mandatory if you want any semblance of privacy while you’re online—and let’s face it—that’s probably a lot. With third-party cookies and targeted ads based on your browsing history, protecting yourself from scams and phishing is important. Additionally, using VPNs can help you stream content from any country that may be geo-locked or unavailable where you live. You can also gain access to different countries’ versions of popular streaming services.

If you’ve been looking to hop on the VPN wagon, now’s the perfect time to make an investment in your online security. NordVPN is currently having a sale on all of its products including 60 percent off a 2-year subscription to its VPN service, which is just $3.29 a month during the sale. Additionally, you can buy NordPass, the company’s secure password organization tool for 50 percent off.

NordVPN is also offering NordLocker Premium, a file encryption and cloud storage service for 70%. To truly protect your online presence and take full advantage of what is available across all streaming services, a VPN is the only answer. Now, you can get one for a fraction of the normal price.


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