Odell Beckham Jr. Attempts to Break the Internet With Random Deebo Samuel Trade Rumors: 49ers WR Fires Back at OBJ

It’s evident that free-agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. currently seems to have some leisure time on his own. However, he does not appear to be keen on working as an NFL Insider anytime soon. During the last stages of the 2022 Draft, OBJ made an unexpected, and perhaps inadequate, entrance into the realm of NFL mainstream media. And it became an instant firestorm, as it concerns the 49ers WR, Deebo Samuel.

Deebo Samuel has been a major highlight of the NFL offseason this year. Fans will surely remember that the hybrid ‘wide back’ made a request for his trade to the 49ers. The trade concerns have been looming ever since, but there has been no solid conclusion over the rumors.


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Free-agent speedster Odell Beckham Jr. attempted to fire up the news with a tweet about Deebo Samuel for what could be the most momentary excursion into NFL trade reportage. OBJ’s reports have claimed over Twitter that Deebo Samuel is now heading to the New England Patriots.

He mentions, Breakinnnngg NEWSSS…”

This would have been incredible news and a once-in-a-lifetime tip for a budding correspondent, only if it was real. Following Beckham’s tweet, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport left no stone unturned in informing the public that Beckham’s statement was incorrect.


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about 10 hours ago

While OBJ sparked a public media firestorm, Samuel was ‘bored’ by the Pro Bowl wideout’s willingness to discuss his trading situation.

Beckham afterward acknowledged the Twitter world for spreading what appears to be a ridiculous myth. He had taunted Samuel about receiving “problems,” saying that Deebo will announce it by himself. Well, who knows the full story of his channel of communication.


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He says, To Twitter world ! I’m so sorrry  I love [Deebo Samuel] and giving him hell problem causing more problems! I can’t help it ! Deeebo news gon break on its own.”

What if the tweet by Odell Beckham Jr. for Deebo Samuel was true?

Deebo Samuel would have rapidly been one of New England’s leading scorers in recent years if OBJ’s bombshell revelation had been accurate. The 26-year-old had a career year in 2021. He collected 77 receptions for 1,405 yardage and six touchdowns while also dashing for 365 yards and eight scores.


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Due to a stalemate in contractual issues, there have been suggestions that Samuel may request a transfer from the San Francisco 49ers. He appears to be less likely to leave the Rams’ NFC West opponents this offseason after the 2022 NFL draft. Even Beckham is a free agent after hurting his ACL in Super Bowl LVI. This put a stop to a resurgent Los Angeles career.


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