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ALFALFA COUNTY, Okla. — A state prison inmate worker program gave a convicted child molester access to a computer and the internet.

The inmate has been accused of using that access to download and share child pornography.

Court records indicate this man’s lengthy criminal history was not considered before he was hired to work at a prison call center. So, not only was he allegedly given unsupervised internet access, but he was also allowed to call people’s homes at random, where a child could certainly be the one answering the phone.

Corey Fore is serving a life sentence after he was found guilty of multiple counts of child sexual abuse, molestation and soliciting. Fore was convicted in Tulsa County in 2015.

He was also given a job at the Crabtree Correctional Center in Alfalfa County through the state’s prison work program, Oklahoma Correctional Industries. OCI is a moneymaker for the state prison system.

According to court documents, they tracked it to the OCI call center being run out of Crabtree Correctional Center and eventually to Corey Fore. In the court documents, the investigator on this case said he was told by an OCI representative that inmates like Fore are given these call center jobs based on how they interview and the skills they have.

His history as a child predator was never considered.

The Department of Corrections says the OCI call center program has since been shut down and the incident remains under investigation. Meanwhile, Fore faces additional charges of possessing and distributing child pornography and violation of Oklahoma statute via computer.

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