Old Man Talks To Alexa, Internet Says “Cutest Video”

Watch: Old Man Talks To Alexa, Internet Says 'Cutest Video'

An 80-year-old man talking to Alexa

There are many similarities between old people and children, one of those are the continuous desire to learn and the necessity of friendship. A video is going viral on social media which shows an 80-year-old man doing both – by talking to virtual assistant Alexa.

Kenneth “Kenny” Jary, a navy veteran, uses TikTok to raise awareness for veterans around the world and spread happiness. He also shares videos of himself experiencing new technologies.

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In the video shared on Instagram, Jary strikes up a conversation with Alexa but hesitates to ask questions. But after some time, he asks the cloud-bases AI voice technology about sausage and pepperoni pizzas, and if they are good for health.

After not getting any response, Jary whispers, “She doesn’t want to hear it.” The veteran clarifies with Alexa that he does not want a shopping list, then says “thank you” once Alexa clears his list.

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The video is shared by “kindakindco” on Instagram and is sure to bring a smile on your face. It has received over 8,000 likes and users are delighted to watch this video.

“This is the cutest,” one such user commented.

“Sir, sausage and pepperoni pizzas are very good for you. Alexa knows nothing,” a second user commented.

A person is never too old to make new friends, as proved by this man.

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