Optus is offering a deal on its Internet Family Entertainer plans with Netflix

Credit: Dreamstime: Info849943

Circling back to news that Optus has launched Family Entertainer Internet plans that come bundled with Standard Netflix subscriptions on its SubHub platform, we can now also confirm that Optus is offering a promotional deal on these plans. 

If you’re one of the approximately 6 million Aussies who are currently Netflix subscribers, or you’ve been thinking of subscribing, signing up to one could make it a little easier to access your Internet, Netflix, and any other subscriptions you might have in one spot, which more importantly, should give you more time to concentrate on the good stuff – the actual entertainment.

If you already subscribe to Netflix, Optus says you can keep your existing Netflix account by simply migrating it across to SubHub without losing any of your preferences or your viewing history.

The deal on offer from Optus is AU$10 off the recurring monthly fees for the first 6 months of your plan. You can take advantage of this offer by following the Optus Internet Family Entertainer plan links in the widget below: 


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