Oscar Isaac’s 2022 Met Gala Look Still Has the Internet Buzzing

Oscar Isaac made quite an entrance at the 2022 Met Gala on Monday evening (May 2) alongside his wife, Elvira Lind.

It was the couple’s first time attending the lavish event, and Isaac wasn’t about to stroll into the venue in something conventional. So, he wore a dress instead.

According to Vanity Fair, Isaac and Lind collaborated with stylist Michael Fisher and fashion designer Thom Browne to “put a spin on traditional menswear.” The idea was to get the couple complimenting one another’s look by dressing them both in tails. Forget the gala’s theme, “Gilded Glamour.” It was more important to make Isaac and Lind glamourous in their own way.

Vanity Fair explains that Lind wore tails, and Isaac wore a “trompe l’oeil” white tie and tailcoat dress. “I liked the idea of them switching roles, playing with the role reversal and playing with dimensions,” Fisher said.

Isaac added: “This is the most aggressively coordinated we’ve ever been.”

The look was adored online once images and videos of Isaac and Lind started populating social media platforms. The consensus, of course, was that they were both stunning.

“Okay so [you’re] telling me that Oscar Isaac is wearing a goddamn dress and his wife a suit and they’re just gorgeous?!” one Twitter user asked.

Others pointed out that this wasn’t the first time Isaac wore an outfit that showed off his legs.

“I will say I appreciate how instead of going for that ‘ill-fitting, breaking gender norms’ look, Oscar Isaac finds skirts that genuinely match his more masculine style,” another Twitter user wrote.

In the end, sometimes certain people just look great in anything they put on. It looks like that’s the case for Oscar Isaac. “Can someone please tell me why God has favorites,” a Twitter user asked.

The only thing left to ask is, “What did Pedro Pascal think of the look?”


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