oxio is Canada’s first internet provider to accept Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)

Knowing that  31.68 percent of millennials  have purchased cryptocurrency in the past, offering a crypto based payment option clearly fits our clientsneeds. We also know that for many people, cryptocurrency is a bit of an unknown. So, weve done our best to explain  what exactly cryptocurrency is and how it came to be on our blog .

Were always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our customers, and providing a variety of payment methods is one way we do that. We started by accepting credit cards, then direct withdrawals from our customers bank accounts, and now cryptocurrency.

This initiative will allow oxio to lead the charge by offering a crypto-friendly alternative in the connectivity space.” Marc-André Campagna, CEO & Co-Founder.

Customers will be able to select Coinbase Commerce as a payment option directly in their online customer portal and pay with the currency of their choice; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin or USD coin.

All about oxio.ca.
oxio is a radically transparent, customer obsessed company that’s here to change the way Canadians think about the internet. Big telco bullshit? Gone. Contracts. Nope. Unreadable fine print. Gone. Shifty pricing. If youre looking for the cheapest”, you wont find it here.We’re all about fair and sustainably priced internet—we even show you where every dollar you spend on oxio internet goes. Because we think it’s about time Canadians had access to the internet they need from a company that, well, actually likes the internet. We’re making it effortless for Canadians to connect with the best networks in Québec, the GTA and Vancouver. And, we’re just getting warmed up. But, ultimately, we’re here because we believe that if everyone had equal access to the opportunities found on the internet, wed see a lot of pretty great things from a lot of unexpected people.

More about oxio.

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For further information: For info. or interviews reach out to David Purkis, Brand and Comm. Lead t. 438-521-5985 | e. [email protected]


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