Padma Lakshmi’s Seafood Rule Has The Internet Divided

Padma Lakshmi’s opinion on seafood and dairy might be even more controversial than the actual ingredient combo itself. After revealing her distaste for the pairing in a tweet earlier today, the “Top Chef” host was inundated with responses from followers trying to get her to refute the claim.

“I think cheese and seafood is fantastic if you choose the right cheese that complements the delicate flavors and doesn’t smother it,” one person tweeted while others asked Lakshmi if she would make an exception for certain dishes, like chowder or lobster macaroni and cheese. “What about a good tuna melt,” one user asked, though Lakshmi appears to have no interest in the popular sandwich. “No tuna melts in this household,” she replied.

While an overwhelming number of people disagreed with Lakshmi, a few followers came to her defense. “I’m with you @PadmaLakshmi very few occasions will I entertain the idea,” wrote user @dportuguese, while another called the food combo “a sin.”

A third user claimed that eating seafood and dairy together is actually bad for the digestive system, though Nestle has debunked this myth. Still, if you ever find yourself cooking for Lakshmi, it may be best to keep dishes that combine seafood and dairy off the menu. However, all rules have exceptions: Lakshmi clarified in a follow-up post that putting butter and seafood in a dish together was okay. “I’m not a huge fan of seafood with lots of cheese, cream sauce, etc.” she explained.


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