Paint Valley Schools to Host National Internet Safety Speaker on January 12

With internet usage among children having become more prominent over past couple of decades the potential dangers associated with kids’ internet use are also becoming more prominent. To help parents navigate the potential risks for kids when it comes to internet use, the Paint Valley Local School District is bringing in a nationally recognized speaker to provide information on internet safety.

On Wednesday, January 12th, Paint Valley will welcome Jesse Weinberger to the Paint Valley High School Gymnasium as she delivers information on internet safety to parents. Weinberger is a former programmer, TEDx Presenter and the current host of the Big Mama’s House Podcast. She’s also the author of The Boogeyman Exists: And He’s in Your Child’s Back Pocket, 2nd ed.

“Paint Valley is having Jesse Weinberger come to our school in January so we can help parents teach their kids and help their kids be responsible when it comes to the internet and any devices that they might be using with the internet,” said Paint Valley Science & Social-Studies Educator Denise Peters. “She addresses several topics from social media apps to any time of gaming app. She talks about cyber-bullying and also the mental health impact the internet is having on our children starting at very young ages, and all the dangers that are out there on the internet. She gives a lot of advice on how to monitor, supervise and give consequences for their children’s behavior.”

The Internet Safety for Parents presentation will take place on Wednesday, January 12th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Paint Valley High School Gymnasium.

“The presentation is open to the public and is free to everyone, and registration is not required,” said Peters. “You do not need to be a resident of the Paint Valley School District to come to this. In fact, we would love to have everybody throughout Ross County and the surrounding counties come to this presentation because ultimately, our goal is to help educate parents on how to teach their kids to be responsible internet users.”

The presentation is for parents only. Children will not be permitted into the gym while the presentation takes place.

“It is for adults only,” said Peters. “The night of the parent presentation, there will be absolutely no students or children allowed in the gymnasium as Weinberger will be sharing content that is not appropriate for children.”


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