Partnership aims to create ‘internet of critical comms’

Cobham SATCOM has announced a strategic partnership with Hypha by Wireless Innovation.

According to Cobham, the move is intended to “facilitate more resilient communication capabilities worldwide for first responders, utilities workers and oil & gas crews.” This will in part be achieved via the companies’ ‘PRISM’ solution, which is designed to extend the coverage of existing LMR networks, by leveraging satellite and LTE.

Discussing the partnership, Hypha group CTO, Neil Jamieson, said: “Today, more than ever, public safety agencies around the world need communication networks that provide coverage and reliability. Together, Cobham SATCOM and Wireless Innovation will effectively see an ‘internet of critical comms’ for mission-critical networks.

“I am excited about combining our skills and applying this to the global market. [We want to] ensure the new generation of public safety communications networks will provide enhanced service, coverage, and the data capabilities required for the future.”

Hypha has also recently recently been awarded the contract to provide New South Wales Fire and Rescue with satellite equipment.

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